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The Model Gallery, Post 1

Friend of the site Bill A, has put together a very nice M4 composite hull Sherman, based on the Tank his father operated in WWII. Bill Dad served with the 44th Tank Battalion in the Philipines when we took them back late in WWII. This kit is Dragon #6441, and I think Dragon makes a very nice Sherman for the price.

Look at this amazing M4 composite hull. It gets the composite hull name because the front of the hull is a large casting, while the center back is all welded. These tanks confused with M4A1s all the time.
As you can see, this composite hull has a original style 75mm turret, but with a loaders hatch. These tanks would have had all around vision cupolas for the Commander but there was a shortage, so they only went on 76mm Shermans.
From this angle, you can see why it would be confused for an M4A1, since you can not see the rest of the hull.

Really nice build Bill! My only comment other than you did a great job with the kit, would be, its just to darn clean! In real life, they tended to get real weathered, your looks like it rolled off the showroom floor!

Here are a few more shots of the M4 Composite in action.