Drive and Shoot an Authentic WWII Sherman Tank! Get the Sherman Tank Site Discount!

In the United States of America, you can own a tank, and that tank can have a working main gun. There is, of course, some paperwork associated with these things, but in the great State of Texas, you can drive a Sherman tank and shoot all its guns.

The tank in question is located at Drivetanks in Uvolde Texas, and it’s an authentic WWII-era M4A2 76 HVSS Sherman tank. This tank is nearly identical to the tank used in the movie Fury.

This tank is beautifully restored and fully functional, and for a reasonable price, you can drive it and shoots its guns. They’ve been known to let you bring a car you are no longer fond of to shoot, run over, or both.

If that’s not enough, Drivetanks has access to many other fun things to occupy your time. They have other tanks, like the Leopard 1 and Chieftan, and many other armored vehicles you can drive.

They also have a large selection of Guns and Canons you can shoot, a mortar or two, and more machine guns than you could shoot in a day. If you like explosions and who doesn’t, they have several explodey packages you can order up!

Just send me an Email saying you want to Drive a tank, and we will make it happen. Email with the folliwing info. 
Phone Number:

Here are a few videos of

4 thoughts on “Drive and Shoot an Authentic WWII Sherman Tank! Get the Sherman Tank Site Discount!

  1. I have a friend that will be 85 on May 14th and she would like to drive a Sherman Tank.
    Her name is Mary Lou SHERMAN.
    I drove a M4A3 Sherman From 1949 to 1955’ MOS 3795.

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