The Sherman M4A2 Medium Tank: Major Sherman Model rarely used by the US Army.

M4A2 Sherman: The Second Sherman Into Production!

This version of the Sherman used a welded hull nearly identical to the M4, but with a pair of vented armored grates on the rear hull deck. The M4A2 tanks used the GM 6046 twin diesel. This version was produced with all the improvements the other types got, like the large hatch hull. This version would see very limited combat in US hands, most being the British, with some 75 tanks going to the Russians and USMC. This was the preferred version for Soviet lend-lease deliveries since the USSR was using all diesel tanks. It was produced in six factories with 10,968 of all turret types produced from April of 42 to July 45.

M4A2, M10, M36B2 clutch lockout unit

The Marines operated a lot of small hatch and a fairly large number of large hatch M4A2 tanks until the supply of 75mm armed versions dried up in late 1944. Then they switched over to large hatch M4A3 75w tanks, but there were some A2 holdouts amongst the six battalions.

M4A2_75Mid-production small hatch M4A2, courtesy of the Sherman Minutia site.

♥ M4A2 Tank and Gun Data ♥

M3 gun Data PDF

M4A2 75 mid spec sheet

m4a2 early side M4A2 early early bogies small gun shield M4A2 early production, early bogies

A shot of an M4A2 75 dry large hatch Sherman being tested in Detroit. Most of these tanks went to the Soviets.
Some small hatch M4A2s knocked out. There were Sherman III tanks with South Africans, knocked out in Italy.
Camouflaged Sherman III tanks of the 7th Armoured Division, the “Desert Rats”, November 1942, Second Battle of El Alamein.
An M4A2 75D large hatch tank. This was produced just before they switched to the M4A2 76W tanks and had all the upgrades but the wet ammo rack…