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If you click the BB63 image above, it will take you to a HUGE version with a ton of detail.

Just a place for some ship photos.





This ship the USS Hornet, CV-12 is now a museum ship in Alameda California, and my wife and I got married on her in 2008.
HMS King George V (1939)

In this series of images, we see the Iowa, in a floating dry dock out at Ulithi, they were checking her out for damage taking during the second major Typhoon the Navy sailed through in 1945. She had shaft damage and had to return to the US for major overhaul if I recall right.










Mantis Shrimp are cool.















Harbor at Inchon: The time is September 15, 1950. The place Inchon, in the Republic of Korea. The largest amphibious landing since the end of World War II is underway.