News Post 2: Slow week.

News Post 2

This week has been a tad slow,  my day job was hard, and I’ve had a cold for over a week now.

I have picked up a bunch of new books on the Sherman. In particular on the Firefly and British Sherman use.  I will be updating a bunch of posts after I read through it all. Expect a lot of updated photo captions.

I did update one post this week.

The US Army Tank Battalion:  How Sherman tanks were deployed

This post was updated with a lot of new info on the Sherman tank battalion, giving the TO&Es for both early and mid to late war Tank Battalions.

I’ve been in contact with the Chino, Planes of Fame Musuem about their Sherman so expect a new post about it soon.

I’m still working with and will have a post about them soon as well.

Thanks for reading!




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