#47 Gallery VI, More Photos, More Captions.

Gallery VI, More Photos, More Captions

An M4A1 76w from the 2nd Armored Divisions, 66th Battalion, tank D13, transporting doughs. 
3rd_AD_Mons_ blow_up
M4 small hatch 75 Sherman with the 3rd AD In Mons France, this tank was made by American Locomotive Company. Image courtesy of The Sherman Minutia site.
3rd Platoon, Company A, 812th Tank Battalion Easy 8 tanks, 1945. This was most likely taken post war on occupation duty.  The tanks are so clean and in very good shape. 
3rd AD M4A1 76w tanks crossing a pontoon bridge. Note the number of missing end connectors. This is a fairly late production M4A1 it has a muzzle brake. 
M3 Lee crew with some 75mm Ammo, note this M3 has an M2 gun. 
M32 Armored Recovery Vehicle on display somewhere. 
This is a late production M4A2 75 tank with large hatches but still with the dry ammo storage.
American soldiers of Patton's Third Army standing in front of their M36 TD while rolling up a Nazi flag they have taken as a trophy after the capture of Bitberg.
American soldiers of Patton’s Third Army standing in front of their M36 TD while rolling up a Nazi flag they have taken as a trophy after the capture of Bitberg.
This tank is an M4A2 with a Firefly turret installed for testing by the US Army. The tank survives to this day as part of the US Army’s collection. 
M4A3 76w HVSS Sherman that was on display at Fort Knox. It is now in storage on Fort Bragg.  
M10 3 inch GMC moving down an alley.
M4 Sherman with extra wide grousers fitted.
M4A1 76w named Gila Monster. This was the type of Sherman introduced for Operation Cobra
Another Shot of Gila Monster, now it has fenders and an M1A1 gun with muzzle brake. 
Late production M4A1 76w.
An M4A1 75 tank being unloaded from a train. Image courtesy of the Sherman Minutia site.
Early M4 tanks on the production line.
M4A1 76w HVSS tank, these tanks just missed the war in Europe. 
M4A3 105 probably a post war publicly shot. Note the dough on the infantry phone, and the muzzle cover on the 105. 
M10 TD in action
A captured M4 Sherman in Nazi servitude during the battle of the bulge.
M4A3 75w captured by the Nazis. 
Another Captured Sherman, this one an M4A2. 
A knocked out 1st AD M4A3E2 Jumbo, February 1945.
Nazi prisoners being watched by Sherman crews during the Bulge.
The fascist crew of a M4A2 Sherman captured on the eastern front. This was a large hatch dry storage tank. 

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  1. Note the ARV ahead in the first photo. Also notice the interesting small arms the doughs are holding. Looks like an M1903A3 with a reversed bayonet (didnt know you could do that) on the right, an M1928 Thompson in the middle, with long barrel but M1 style square foregrip (again a mystery) and on the left I thought from the grip it was an Enfield, but on second thought it must be an M1 Carbine.

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