#27 Sherman Data: The Post For Charts, Tables, And Reports

Sherman Data:  The Devil In The Details

This section will contain a lot of images of documents that provide useful information on the Sherman tank.

Info from Survey of allied Tank Casualties in WWII (Courtesy of Priory_of_Sion)


Basic Breakdown of Causes of Tank Losses:

Average Range of Gunfire/Panzerfausts:

Placement of Gunfire Hits:

Caliber of Enemy Gunfire:

Mine/Tank Exchange Rate:

Crew Casualties by Position:

Sampling of Tank Losses:

Causes of Vehicles Destroyed V Vehicles Disabled:

Distribution of Gunfire Hits (aspect):

M4 Production figuresM4 production list


Extract from report to HQ Second Army from Col A.G.Cole. DDof A


3 thoughts on “#27 Sherman Data: The Post For Charts, Tables, And Reports

  1. This is an incredibly valuable site, and much appreciated.

    My uncle died in a Sherman (gunner) during Operation Cobra, Aug.1, 1944.

    This site goes a long way toward helping understand what his life must have been like from the time he was committed to combat in mid-July, St. Lo, to his death near Tessy sur Vire during the breakout.

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