#45 Gallery IV: You Guessed It, More High Res Photos!

Gallery IV: More photos, high resolution, with comments

More images, with captions, most high res, some sherman chassis based things as well.


A very early M4A1 Sherman, not the pair of M1919s mounted in the middle front of the hull. It seems to be hanging off a rather high drop off, and this gives us a great view of its belly
athens44 (1)

A British M4A4 in Athens, during the Battle of Athens, in December of 1944, the tank is supporting the Scottish Parachute Battalion.
12th_Armored_Division_76mm_Armed_M4_Sherman_Husseren_France_1945 (1)

M4A3 76w Sherman with the 12th AD, in Husseren France
0_155aa2_2f5da4ec_orig (1)

An M10 TD somewhere in the ETO.
2nd-french-armored-div-m10-halloville-france-nov-13-44570 (1)

French 2nd Armored Division M10 near Halloville France November 13th 1944
Classy-Peg-passing-destroyed-Japanese-Shinhoto-Chiha-tank-on-Luzon-in-the-Phillipines-17-Jan-1945 (1)

M4A3 75W named Classy Peg passing a destroyed Japanese tank in Luzon, Philippines, January 17 1945
8765431 (1)

Clod hopper, an M4A3 or M4A2, on Iwo jima with the Marines, it was from C Company, 4th Marine Tank Battalion, and was taken out by a Japanese 47mm gun
USA1 (1)

A pair of composite hull M4s burning. These tanks are US Army Shermans, and they are in the Guam, and I think they were taken out by a 47mm AT gun. (Thanks to Russ Amott for help with the caption)
Division-Photos (2)

An M4A1 76w passes through some kind of wall made of tree trunks
battle_normandy122 (1)

A Sherman V of the Canadian 29th Reconnaissance regiment(The South Alberta Regiment). The Tank was commanded by Major David Currie(VC), and the tank was named ‘Clanky’. This photo was taken in Normandy around Arromanches in July of 1944. A big Thank you to R.Wagner for the caption info.
Leclerk_Moscowa2 (1)
M4 105 serving with the French, tank names La Moskowa, the crew is hamming it up with a girl!
M4A3 105
Riflemen of the 29th Marine Regiment ride a M4A3 Sherman 105mm of Company A, 6th Tank Battalion during the 6th Marine Division’s drive on Chuda along the west coast of Okinawa.
Rhine-crossing (1)

An M4A3 76w being given a ride across the Rhine River in a LCM
file00ugk4 (1)

This one is a Marine M4A2 on Betio, Tarawa Atoll, and was named “Commando”(thanks to Russ Amott for the information on the photo caption) , for more information on this battle, see the new book Tanks in Hell by Gilbert and Cansiere 
NARA_-_5325241 (1)

USMC PVC N.E. Carling in front of an M4A2 tank named Killer. It has a Type 94 TE KE tank on its back deck. Photo taken Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, 2 Feb 1944
195 (1)

Later production small hatch M4 Sherman, probably somewhere in the MTO or ETO.
army.mil-2007-04-20-164942 (1)

This is an M4A3 76w tank, with the 784th Tank Battalion (colored) near the Rhine in early 45.

M4A3 76w Shermans from the 771st Tank Battalion supporting the 17th Airborne Division

An M4A3 76w from an unknown unit passes by the corpses of Nazi troops.
Äâå ÁÐÝÌ ARV M31 (èç 3rd AD) âîçëå ïîäáèòîãî "Øåðìàíà". Saint-Fromond, Íîðìàíäèÿ, 14.07.1944ã.*
A M4 being recovered by an M31 Armored Recovery Vehicle near Saint Fromond France 1944.
M4A3E8-tank-on-bridge-that-collapsed-with-weight-of-vehicle-during-operation-against-Glossbliederstroff-on-the-Saar-Tank-is-from-the-749th-Tank-Battalion-18-Februa (2)

An M4A3 76w HVSS from the 749th Tank battalion has collapsed a wooden Bridge, in Glossbliederstroff on the Saar, Germany

4 thoughts on “#45 Gallery IV: You Guessed It, More High Res Photos!

  1. about the sherman :Later production small hatch M4 Sherman, probably somewhere in the MTO or ETO.

    Those tankers are not wearing allied clothing.

    They sure look like Germans in a captured Sherman

  2. Colour photo captioned ” a British crew pal around …….” is actually a Sherman V of the Canadian 29th Reconnaissance Regiment (The South Alberta Regiment). The tank was commanded by Major David Currie (VC) and was nicknamed “Clanky”. Photo taken in Normandy around Arromanches in July 1944.

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