Sherman Tank Fuel Systems: Fuel tanks, Lines, and Valves, plus Carbs and Injectors

Sherman Tank Fuel Systems: The Complete fuel Systems for each Sherman model, eventually.

I have good manuals for the A57, Ford GAA and GM 6046, but do not have a good manual for the R975, at least one installed in a Sherman tank. I do have one for an SPG, but the fuel tanks are very different.  I’m sure I’ll find TM9-731AA someday even if I have to order it from  a company in France! For now, the wife is not convinced this is a good place to spend money, but I may be able to convince her in the future.

The Ford GAA fuel system for the M4A3, M36B1 AND M10A1 vehicles. 


M4A2, GM 6046 twin Diesel used in the M10, and M4A2 vehicles, fuel system.

Coming soon.

The M4A4, with the A57 multibank motors, fuel system.

Coming Soon.

The M4 and M4A1 R975 radials fuel system. 

Coming soon.