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This image of a train loaded with Shermans just keeps chugging on, just like this site will.

My name is Jon Tisor, AKA Jeeps_Guns_Tanks(Also my WOT handle) and I’ve been interested in history, in particular WWII history since I was a  kid. My love of armor started when I was 8 and saw the movie Sahara(On TV), reviewed on this site, the 1943 version, and fell in love with the M3 Lee.  The love of the Sherman followed that. A Tamiya Lee and Testors M4A1 Sherman were the first model kits I built. I still dabble in plastic model building.

I‘ve never served, but appreciate the guys who have. I really am just a armor, airplane and history geek. The the focus of my love in these areas are the M4 Sherman, the P-38 Lighting, and the F4U Corsair. I’ve Spent a lot of time reading books on them and money acquiring books on them. I’ve also had affairs with the Jeep TJ, the F-14 Tomcat and the Pontiac GTO (68s) over the years, but they faded a little. Who knows when my obsession with each started, the F-14 was it the movie Topgun, or my dads interest, or is it just a damn sexy airplane? I’m not really sure. The GTO is easy, it was my Dad, and we worked on them together for years. The Jeep TJ is easy too, I wanted a capable off road vehicle that had AC and I wouldn’t have to mod much, and it was that more or less.

My 05 Jeep Rubicon, the weekend after I bought it, note the paper plates! I was trying to sell it when it was stolen. Loved it and would do another Jeep if I had enough friends who liked to wheel and didn’t live in California.
My 1968 GTO, this was my fourth and final 1968 GTO, the fast ones got sold when my old man died, and I bought this one with some money from his estate. I ended up selling it, it was an automatic, and boring, and it just sat around because gas at the time was expensive.

I also enjoy computer games. The main one recently being World of Tanks, well recently is deceiving since I’ve played the game since early closed beta. Before it had American tanks! I was derping in the Sherman before it was a thing, and well before the nerfs when gold ammo went silver. It’s a good game, and the American tanks are well represented, and many are best in tier.  I did Clanwars, and was a founding member of PBKAC, and was with them for years, literally, and have the M60, VK7201 and T23 to prove it.  Now I just play for fun,  T5 most of the time.  I did enjoy the most recent Grand Theft Auto Game, 5 I think.  Over the years I’ve done a lot of flight sims, online and desktop etc, started gaming on a Apple II.


I am an aspiring writer of fiction novels!

You can most often find me in World of Tanks playing my trusty Sherman tanks.

Or you can email me at : TheShermantank.com@gmail.com

F-14 sunset
The Tomcat I dreamed of flying!
Some guns I own, hence the _Guns